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We empower people who are tired of accepting the status quo and are ready to take action and make a change to their lives.

We help those who want to break free from the limitations of the corporate rat race but don’t have time to research the options for another source of income or don’t know where to even start.

We provide access to a specific step by step training program and mentorship from highly successful digital business owners that will teach you exactly how to start and grow your own online business, with the potential to earn 6 figures and beyond!

Create a life of meaning and purpose that you truly love! 

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Access to a step by step training program and world class digital marketing education that will teach you how to start and grow your own online business from scratch.

Access to online tools and resources, including website builders, sales funnels, email autoresponders and much more.

Teach people how to generate automated income online, through a proven, step by step “learn while you earn” process.

Access to an incredible community of digital entrepreneurs.

Mentorship, Guidance and 24/7 Support.

Teach people how to be of value in the digital economy and how to achieve their life goals.

So how can I help you?

Ruan Davey

If you’re here, the chances are it’s because you’re looking to make a change to your life.  

There are tons of mentors out there these days, and with today’s digital economy, it’s relatively easy to find someone to help you but if you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme, then you’ve come to the wrong place!  I’m not that guy. 

If on the other hand, you have dreams or a vision of a better future and want to earn an income doing something you truly love and if you are willing to invest time and some money in yourself, then I may be able to help you...

I’ve been where you are now…at the brink of making a life changing decision that could dramatically improve the quality of your life. I understand the fear of uncertainty that comes with having to make such a decision…and I’ve also seen first hand how stepping into that uncertainty has dramatically improved the quality of my life. And, that’s exactly why I’m well placed to help you get started on your own  journey towards future success. 

OK, so who is Ruan Davey?

Well, I’m a professional architect and digital marketer but more importantly, I’m also a dad.

I wanted to learn how to generate automated income online, so I reskilled myself and learned digital marketing in my mid-forties!

My wife and I and our two girls moved to the UAE from South Africa and Namibia 15 years ago. 

I have a passion for family, nature, wildlife photography, design, technology, and travel.  

OK, that’s nice, but how is this relevant and how is this person going to help me, you may be asking?

So, let’s rewind a little…

I grew up in pre and post-apartheid South Africa during the ’80s and 90’s listening to the Cure, the Pixies, Depeche Mode, and U2.

My sisters and I had a happy childhood and on regular occasions, our folks would take us on trips to the Kruger National Park and the Drakensberg mountains where my dad would teach us about the natural environment, wildlife, snakes, birds, and trees.  We loved the interaction with nature and it became an important part of our lives growing up.

My entrepreneurial spirit kicked in at an early age, and throughout my student days, I was constantly trying to find ways to make money, ranging from waiter and bar jobs, selling security “stun guns’ to the police,  to selling and marketing of Golden and Amway products.

Ruan with Elephant Chaing Mai
Ruan and Mitzi in Namibia

In my early twenties and with a little help from my dear mom, I had started my own import business selling leather products and bags with regular travel between South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, and Bophuthatswana. 

Following graduation, I started my career as a young graduate Architect in Cape Town. 

Fast forward a few years later, I met my wife in Namibia where I was working as an up and coming young Architect focused mainly on the design of hotels and private game lodges in remote locations like the Caprivi Strip and Rundu. 

It was a happy and satisfying time.  I loved my job and we both loved the natural raw beauty of the Namibian landscape and wildlife.

Two years later we moved to Cape Town which was equally fulfilling and beautiful. I was working for a well renowned architectural practice while running my own boutique architectural practice designing luxury homes and villas along the Atlantic Seaboard. Life was good and we would regularly travel away together on holidays and weekends.

We moved to the UAE in 2007, where I joined a UK based Architectural and Engineering practice. As an Architect, I was privileged to work on the design and construction supervision of some large and complex hotel projects across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It was a richly rewarding and satisfying time. The birth of our 2 beautiful daughter’s a few years later was one of the most memorable and happiest times of our lives. We would go camping in the desert or the beautiful mountains of Oman on regular occasions.

Oman Camping
Ruan on Construction Site

The company for which I was working was later bought out by one of the world’s largest global design and engineering consultancy firms.

Following a series of promotions, I worked my way up the corporate ladder and by 2015, I had become the director of Architecture for the Middle East Region.   

To an outsider looking in, it may have seemed that life was perfect.  I was happily married with two beautiful kids, successful in my career, earning a decent enough salary and living a “comfortable” life however I wasn’t fulfilled and wanted more from life.

I discovered that corporate life came with a high degree of sacrifice.  

At the time, I was working 12-15 hours per day and had little time to spend with my family. I constantly found myself rushing from one deadline to the next and would regularly take my work home with me in the evenings or on weekends. I would get to bed late in the evenings and wake up feeling tired and stressed out.

I enjoyed my work, but there was very little balance in my life at that stage with almost no time for family and the things that I loved to do – travel, photography and spending time in nature. 

I didn’t want to end up looking back with regret one day for having missed out on the most important years of my kid’s lives. 

I wanted to share with them some of the amazing experiences and places that my wife and I had seen as kids and young adults growing up and I wanted to get back some adventure in my life! 

Ruan Hiking

What I found…

After searching the internet for many months, I came across an opportunity with digital marketing that was to become a game changer for us…

What I had discovered was a sustainable way to generate passive income online, without having to trade my time for money! 

I enrolled for an online training program and quickly became exposed to a global community of incredibly supportive mentors and like-minded individuals who are all working towards the fulfillment of their life’s purpose and building of their dreams and aspirations for the future. 

At the same time, I also found a system that would allow me to adapt to the changing digital economy to ensure a level of financial security and predictability in terms of securing a future source of income, once traditional ways of earning income have become obsolete due to automation and artificial intelligence.


What I learned…

I’ve learned how to build websites, do affiliate marketing, and create sales funnels. I discovered a way to generate automated passive income streams that work for me 24/7. 

I started reading books on personal development & mindset and learned how to advertise online through Google, YouTube and Facebook.

The best part is that I am now able to generate automated income from anywhere in the world with only a laptop and an internet connection!

My mission is to help others to overcome their fears and realize their true potential. 

To help them build their own profitable online business and lifestyle that they truly love.  


I’ve been fortunate to take my family on trips to Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Austria, Germany, South Africa, and Namibia.  We have plans to visit Zanzibar, Italy, Greece, and Australia next…

So let me ask you this… – Do you want to make a change?  Do you want to learn how to generate an automated income, so you can have the freedom and flexibility to spend more time with your family and friends, but you’re not sure how to start?

If so, then let’s go ahead and explore the possibility of working together.

I look forward to connecting with you…


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Ruan Davey, Living Legends, Dubai, UAE, email: ruan@futurevisionroom.com

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