What is the key to attracting and converting customers?  

It’s about knowing who you’re speaking to when creating your marketing message. If you know your audience, you can create a message that speaks to their goals, dreams, problems, pain points, and challenges in ways that create authentic connections.

Once you have them interested, they’ll want to know more. Then you can bridge them from interest to engagement and onto action by providing great value and information so that they actually want to buy from you.

A great marketing campaign promotes an excellent product to the right people, at the right time, and using the right platform.

It’s all about finding your ideal customer, aka – your target market, and then providing them with solutions to pain points and challenges they may be having.

Many new digital start-ups fail because they don’t spend enough time figuring out their people and platform targeting.

Einstein Marketer defines a customer avatar as….”a detailed profile of your ideal customer. It doesn’t make assumptions or categorise people into groups. The Avatar focuses on one person and outlines everything about them. It goes into much greater depth than a regular marketing persona, providing marketers with many more targeting tools

There’s an old saying in the online business world – it’s not unique visitors that matter, but repeat visitors. So your ideal customer is somebody you really want to sell to, they’re loyal, repeat buying, high-spending, referral monsters.

If you already have a customer like this, then great! You can use this person to build the foundations of your customer avatar. If not, you may be targeting the wrong people.

Most people make the mistake of marketing too broad. Unless you have a huge marketing budget (which most of us don’t!), there’s no way you can serve everyone. This is where you need to narrow down your options. 

Remember the golden rule – If you market to everyone, you market to no one! So the best marketing speaks to a very specific audience of people about a very specific desire they have. 

So, what we are looking for is to find products and services that you really believe in. Then we go out and impact a specific audience of people that we know will benefit from what we are offering.

The best products are the ones you are already using in your daily life and believe in yourself. So why did you invest in this product in the first place, how did it solve a particular pain or problem you were having?

Remember that money is the by-product of your marketing value. It should not be your motivation. Your motivation should be to offer value and solve someone’s pain or problem. If you can do that, then the money will come automatically. Your income is a direct by-product of the value you are providing to the market. 

If your marketing does not connect, your marketing will not convert. Faking it until you make it will not work! You need to be 100% authentic to attract and influence the right customer.

Good marketing is insightful and thought-provoking and gets people thinking about their problem right now and why they should consider a solution to it. You need to highlight someone’s problem or desire and then educate them on a possible solution to make an informed decision to move forward and improve their lives.

So, step one to a good campaign is to find products that you are aligned with. Step two is to find an audience of people who will benefit from what you are offering.

Now, think about your audience…who are they?

Those that you can be of service to, those that you can add value to. This will help you to stand out in a very competitive marketplace. You can start by creating a Customer Avatar around yourself. 

In my case, I am promoting products around lifestyle business education and digital (affiliate) marketing opportunities.

I start by asking the following questions to create the profile of my Customer Avatar:

1. Who are they?

Customer Avatar 2

How old are they? What do they do for a living, and how much do they earn? Are they married or single, and do they have kids? Where do they live, and what is their level of education? What are their values?

2. What are they looking for?

What are their dreams and goals for the future? 

For example, my Avatar is looking for financial and geographic freedom. They want more time to spend with their wife and kids. They are looking for ways to earn automated income online without trading their valuable time for money.

3. What is the problem that your audience is having?

It’s important to have a deep understanding of the pain or problem your Avatar is having so that you can offer the right product or service that solves their problem. 

If you can highlight someone’s problem or desire and then educate them on a possible solution to make an informed decision and take action, that can result in sales.

And again, that is why we do not market to everyone. We only market to that specific audience of people to whom we can offer a solution through the products that we are offering.

For example, my Avatar problem is that they are working long hours and on weekends to earn a living and support their families. As a result, they do not have enough time to spend with family and on the things they love to do. 

They are location bound, forced to live in the country where they can find work, while they would actually rather live somewhere else like Thailand or Portugal or travel. 

4. What do they want?

This is similar to what they are looking for but not the same.

It goes deeper into the specifics of what they really want for themselves and their families. 

For example, my Avatar wants more time to spend with his family and to travel. They want the freedom to take time off work or travel, knowing that money is still coming in. They also want the flexibility to work from home or live in any city or country around the world without being location bound by a specific job.

5. What do they hate?

What is it that frustrates them? What are things they want to change in their life?

In my case, my Avatar hates working long hours away from his family and the feeling that he is trading his time for money. He hates the feeling that he is missing out on living life to the full and doesn’t have enough time to do the things he loves.

6. How does your offer SOLVE their problem?

This is one of the most important questions to answer. If you can show how your offer can help them to solve their problem, your marketing will connect with them on a deeply personal level.

In my case, the products I am offering teach people in a step-by-step way to earn an income through the internet, which can be done with only a laptop and an internet connection. 

Because the system is automated, it allows them to take time off work or to travel while money is still coming in. It means that they don’t need to be stuck in a city or country just because that is where they can find work. It gives them the flexibility to decide when and where they want to work.

7. What are they afraid of? 

Your marketing message also needs to reassure them that they will be able to avoid the things they are afraid of by taking action.

For example, my Avatar is afraid of not being able to provide for his family in my case. He is also scared of being scammed on the internet. 

8. What is holding them back?

The truth is that 90% of people don’t take action on their dreams because they are afraid to step out of their comfort zone. (read more….)

If your marketing can connect to the specific things that are holding your Avatar back and provide assurance ….it becomes super powerful!

In my case, my Avatar feels that it is too late to start something new at this stage of his life. He is also afraid that if he quits his job, he will no longer provide for his family. He is also scared of scams. 

A few more examples of things that may be holding them back could be that they didn’t realize that it was possible to earn an income online. Perhaps they don’t know what the available options are. They may also be worried that they will not succeed if they do it alone because there is no one to help and support them along the way. Or perhaps they think you need to be some kind of tech genius to succeed on the internet.

9. What do they do in their free time?

Think about their hobbies or perhaps they like to travel. This will further help you build a better profile of your Avatar and help to focus your targeting.

10. Where do they hang out on the internet, what books do they read, and who are their influencers?

With YouTube, for example, you can place your Ad directly in front of a particular audience of people. You can narrow it down to the types of influencers they are searching for or even the specific videos they are watching.

By answering these 10 questions, I can create a campaign to speaks to a very specific audience of people, which helps me stand out from the competition. I do this by using the many targeting options available on YouTube…location, demographic, income, gender, age, and defining the keywords and topics they search or even the specific YouTube videos they might be watching! 

In other words, I’m getting right in from of my ideal customer with my marketing. And most importantly, I’m not wasting my valuable Ad spend on people that are not interested in what I have to say.

And that folks, results in a much higher ROI!!

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