Are you chasing a result in your business and wondering why you’re not achieving it? The question you need to ask is – How are you showing up in the world? Is it from a place of fear and desperation or a place of authenticity?

If our intentions come from a place where we desperately “need” to have a specific result, like the “need to make a sale,” then it’s almost certainly not going to happen.

When the ripples of energy we are projecting out into the world come from a negative place of need and desperation, then that is what we will receive back from the world. 

So how do we change the way that we show up in the world? 

First, we need to align our intentions with our core values. 

Next, we need to be present in the moment and live our core values through our actions. 

Start to imagine tiny ways to make a difference in your community and then translate those thoughts into actions. With time, your words and actions will eventually equal your values.

Our motivation should be driven by “what we can do today to serve others?” and not by “I need to make this sale to reach my target.” Money is the result of providing value. It shouldn’t be the driver or the reason I do the work. The most important thing is to love what we do.  

In my online business journey, I found that I failed miserably when my focus was on making sales. But when I shifted my energy to a deeper understanding of what people want, and then helped them uncover a real solution, my results improved dramatically!

Think about a time when you went for an important interview for a new job. Suppose you go into the interview trying desperately to impress the interviewer by saying what you think they want to hear. In that case, the chances are they’ll pick up on that quite quickly. You’ll come across as insincere and desperate. 

It’s always better to be yourself and focus on engaging with the interviewer. Forget about what you want the outcome to be (“I must impress this person because I must have this job”).  

Rather say to yourself, “Even though I’m slightly nervous, I’m excited about the opportunity of speaking to this person to see if I could be the right fit for their team. I have a lot of value that I can bring to their company”.

I’ve known people who invested $10,000 or even $20,000 on an online education program that teaches them how to market and sell online, yet they went on to make no money at all! It’s almost like they felt that they are automatically entitled to financial success because they made such a large financial investment in themselves.

The question is, how did they show up for their business? What were their driver and motivation? Were they prepared to put in the work?

Suppose you spend $20,000 on your online business education. In that case, you probably need to be putting in even more work than someone who has made no financial investment in themselves at all.

It’s the same for someone who got a university degree.  Just because you’ve paid a large amount of money to get a university degree doesn’t mean you’ll automatically pass the exams.  It also doesn’t mean you’ll automatically go on and qualify to become a successful doctor, lawyer, or architect. You still need to do the work.

The sad fact is that most people who attempt to become digital entrepreneurs will fail and eventually give up altogether. Why? The most common reason – they lack the right mindset and motivation. They are driven only by the desired end result and not by the process of providing value.

Remember – The journey is more important than the destination. In life, we seldom actually ever reach the destination. If we did, then what would be the purpose of our life after that? Instead, we go through life doing the best that we can do and moving closer towards our goals every day. If we fall, we dust ourselves off, get up, and try again. We continue to learn and to grow, but we need to stay in the race. Don’t give up when things get a bit tough.

The key is to love what we do. We should have a genuine passion and desire to help others by adding value to their lives as our primary objective. If we do that, the money will eventually come automatically.

People can see a mile away when someone is desperate, and no one wants to do business with a desperate salesperson. You’d much rather work with someone who listens to your problem and goes on to provide genuine value and real solutions.

In my own business, I noticed that when I was the most profitable and results seemed to come effortlessly, I completely disconnected from the end result or the sale and focused purely on giving value to my subscribers.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a positive result, but we shouldn’t “need” to have a positive result.

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