Starting an online business can be overwhelming, especially to someone that has never stepped outside of their comfort zone and what they already know. You are embarking on a journey into unchartered waters. You have thrown yourself into a brand new online world of learning, personal growth and development and opened yourself to a world of technology and new opportunities that you may not have known existed! That can be scary!

It’s easy to get discouraged or become despondent with your apparent lack of progress especially when you start to compare yourself with others that have already achieved success or seem to be achieving success faster than you! The good news is you are not alone, there is a large community of likeminded individuals that are or have already gone through the exact same pain as you.
Keep in mind that there can be no victory without some form of sacrifice and hard work. Hard work, consistency, commitment, and perseverance are the key.

Here are 6 tips for people starting with their digital journey!

  • Get clear on your vision for the future. Set your goals and objectives and ask yourself – What am I expecting to get out of the SFM?

  • Get through the basic training modules 1-4 before you start anything else. It builds the perfect platform and foundation to launch into any area of online marketing from there. Don’t get overwhelmed by the huge amount of new information that will come at you from many different sides…daily online webinars, LinkedIn training, YouTube “how-to” videos, etc. Focus on getting your basic training modules and education complete and getting your authority site up and running.

  • Leverage the power of the community and join an accountability group. I’ve learned more from the community than a lifetime of online education could provide. The community will provide you with support, encouragement and show you how to do things without you having to reinvent the wheel. By joining an accountability group it will help to remain focused and accountable on your goals and objectives and also give you the assurance that help is only a WhatsApp message, or Zoom call away!

  • Complete the 90 Day Video Journey! This will teach you how to grow confidence in front of the camera, how to experiment with video and expose you to the community of likeminded individuals. It will also help to prepare you for becoming “natural you” on camera. The “real you” that your friends and family know and like, and that others can then relate to and trust as a person. This will be vital when you start marketing. Finally, it will allow you to start putting some of what you have learned into practice by applying the principle of “learn, do, teach” to others on their 90 Day Video Journey. It is an amazing opportunity to share your newly gained knowledge with others through your videos thereby providing value to them. It also allows you to support and encourage others through liking and commenting on their videos.

  • Focus on completing Modules 1-3 and then upgrade to Elite if you’re planning to become an Affiliate for the SFM. It is better to delay your upgrade to Elite and DEA until you have a basic marketing foundation set up and understand the basic principles of online marketing. You will find much more value at Elite once the basics are in place, at which point I would highly recommend the upgrade! The value you will gain from an advanced marketing education at Elite and DEA is going to propel your business to the next level, not to mention the excellent commission structure at Elite/DEA level!

  • Be consistent and do the 5 things that leaders do – Daily! Focus on income-generating activities. Do something related to your online business every day, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. Don’t skip a day!

The last of these tips is probably the most important. Consistency is everything and will ultimately ensure your success.

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7 thoughts on “Advice when starting out on your online journey

    1. just one step at a time Neetu, it’s difficult to find the time when you’re balancing so many things in your life, but just do what you can…main thing is to keep moving forward…

  1. Thx for that. I really hope I can do this I do feel very overwhelmed and a bit in the dark but will go about as best I can thank you

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