Want to create more freedom and flexibility in your life?

Are you tired of working long hours away from the family & trading your time for money?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! That’s how I felt back in 2019, but not anymore!

My journey started with realising that I needed to step out of my comfort zone and make a change, to learn some new skillsets, and that got me started down a new path…a digital path to freedom!

I discovered an automated way to generate income online that isn’t reliant on trading my time for money. 

Now I can focus on the important stuff in life – my family, my hobbies, and to travel!

Ruan Davey

In a nutshell, Future Vision Room provides access to world-class training and mentorship programs that teaches people how to earn automated income online, through Digital Marketing…by following a proven step by step process.

That could be in the area of Affiliate Marketing, E-Commerce, or creating your own Online Business built around your interests & passions. 

All you need to get started is a laptop, a small investment of your time and money, access to the internet, and a willing mind!

These digital skills will help you to break free from the limitations of the corporate rat race so you are no longer purely reliant on earning money in a 9 to 5 type job. 

Learn how to generate passive, automated income online and get back some passion and adventure in your life.

Don’t delay, start today – The other side of your fear is where the adventure begins…


To create Time, Geographical and Financial Freedom.

To Earn automated income online.

To spend quality time with my family.

To spend time on my passions.

To travel and have adventure!


To enjoy life to the full.

To awaken others to realization that it isn’t necessary to accept the status quo and to empower them to take that first step to a better quality of life.

To help others achieve their life goals.

Meet a few of our community members...

Meet Tim 

He decided to make a change and went from heading a global legal department of a company that had over a billion dollars in turnover where he wasn’t fulfilled in his work as a lawyer, to becoming a highly successful digital entrepreneur. 

Meet Gerard 

He decided to make a change and went from being an unfulfilled, uninspired accountant to a highly successful digital marketer in the health and fitness niche, who travels the world with his brother and their two partners.

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Ruan Davey, Living Legends, Dubai, UAE, email: ruan@futurevisionroom.com

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